10 surprisingly healthy yummy foods

After reading about how much trans fat is in Special K’s entire line of meal replacement foods, I started pondering the weird switcheroo that is going on behind the scenes. It’s like we’re living in a science fiction movie, where the supposed obesity epidemic is driving us to the diet food aisles, where we’re buying supposed healthy foods that are actually loaded with garbage. Meanwhile, we’re avoiding so-called unhealthy foods or “diet busters,” even though they are actually loaded with real nutrition. Pardon me for a moment while I go all Nutritional Norma Rae and remind you of some non-traditional healthy good eats.

  • Oysters. Mmmm, how much do I love oysters? SO MUCH. Creamy and meaty and tasting of the sea, it’s the fastest way to make my mouth happy, but just one oyster provides your daily recommended amount of zinc, a trace element that’s necessary for a lot of stuff, including conception. Missing out on your zinc totally impairs your ovulation and his semen count, which might be the reason that oysters got labeled as a mood enhancer in the porny kind of way.
  • Sauerkraut. Loaded up with Vitamin C and K and loads of iron, this tasty veg is also a powerhouse when it comes to the probiotics. Sure, it doesn’t have as much cachet as matcha or kambucha or even a cup of yogurt, but unlike those, sauerkraut packs a punch with fiber too. I know, it smells, but so does Pecorino Romano and I don’t see you getting squeamish about that. You can embrace your inner Fraulein and make your own kraut with this easy recipe (caution: involves the word “scum”).
  • King Crab. High in protein, low in fat and loaded with zinc, what’s not to love? Search out King Crab from the U.S. rather than the high-mercury imported stuff. Get cracking!
  • Artichokes. It wasn’t until I watched the Two Fat Ladies show me how to clean an artichoke that I had the courage to try one. Granted, cleaning and steaming a fresh one is kind of the opposite of “no fuss” but the results? Totally worth it. A single artichoke has more bone-loving magnesium and potassium than any other veg, and the leaves are stacked with Vitamin C and those crazy polyphenols and flavonoids that the scientists love to talk about. What does this mean for you? Cancer-fighting and stroke prevention, mostly, with a little common cold-busting on the side, but do you really care when it tastes so good? Sauté some artichoke hearts with a little garlic, red pepper flakes and a splash of olive oil and your family will be amazed at how fancy you are.
  • Guacamole. Yes, avocados are full of fat, but most of it is the good kind of fat that makes your heart all happy, plus they’re loaded with Vitamin E and potassium, plus the tomatoes are full of lycopene and the lime kicks up the absorption factor of those nutrients. Some guacamoles in stores contain sour cream, but trust me, it’s more delicious and fresh-tasting without it. The best part? Replace just about anything you’d spread on a sandwich with guacamole and suddenly, you’re all gourmet and crap. I know! Best trick ever!
  • Peanut Butter and other nut butters. High in monounsaturated fat and protein, nut butters are delicious, filling and turn a blop of jelly into an instant nostalgia break. Walnuts have those omega-3s, too. But seriously, do I need to really twist your arm to eat the PB with or without the J? I didn’t think so.
  • Sushi. Maybe this isn’t so surprising. After all, loads of omega-3s, iron, and zinc, sashimi is an automatic for ladies who lunch. Of course, our Americanization of the lean Japanese fare means that we’ve deepfried it (spider rolls), loaded it with mayonnaise (some California rolls) and sugar (that sauce on Unagi is loaded with corn syrup), but you can never feel badly about a nice chunk of toro or even a tekka maki made with brown rice, or even carb-free pseudosushi.
  • s—ake Mushrooms. I always used to think of mushrooms as only a flavor/texture element, because they have almost no calories and very little nutritional benefits, but that’s white mushrooms. It turns out that mushrooms are as nutritionally diverse as the different types of cereal in the grocery store. s—akes are not only delicious, but loaded with Vitamin D, anti-oxidants and selenium, a crucial element in lowering cholesterol and fighting cancer, and of course, totally swapable in all your favorite recipes.
  • Bananas. Oy vey, these phallic fruits get a bad diet rap, mostly because one large banana counts as two servings of fruit. Bananas are indeed calorie-dense, due to their low water content, but even a giant banana has fewer calories than a single Pop Tart. Bananas also boost the nervous system, kick up the metabolism and help the body make the most of its protein. Can one of those 100 calorie packets of crackers do that? I thought not.
  • Butter. Hoookay, don’t get too excited! Actually, the surprisingly healthy butter is the kind that is organic and from cows that graze in pastures, so their butter contains “high levels of conjugated linoleic acid, a substance that has been shown to improve a number of metabolic factors, including insulin resistance and cholesterol.” And of course, super fancy organic butter is still butter, but it’s better for you than regular butter or trans-fat loaded margarine.

Preserving nature’s bounty: Choosing whether to can or freeze

In the past, preserving was an essential complement to gardening. To avoid wasting valuable garden produce and to stock up for the winter months, the frugal housewife would spend many hours in the kitchen canning, pickling and preserving.

Nowadays, modern conveniences such as an electric or gas stove and a dishwasher have simplified the canning process, and there is now the additional modern option of freezing. However, there are several things to consider before choosing the best method to preserve the bounty of the garden. Freezing is a simple process that works well for small amounts of fruits or vegetables. Canning is more time-consuming and requires special equipment, but is the best method for large amounts of produce when freezer space is limited. Also, while frozen food only keeps for a year, canned food keeps for several years.


For whole berries such as raspberries, strawberries or blueberries, or for chopped rhubarb, simply wash the fruit and remove any that has spoiled, pack in serving-sized Ziploc bags, seal and place in the freezer.

Vegetables need to be blanched before freezing. Clean and cut them as you would for cooking, partially cook them in boiling water to destroy bacteria, drain, and cool in a sink of cold water. Then pack into serving-sized Ziploc bags and freeze. Blanching times vary depending on the vegetable.

Sealable containers such as yogurt pots or ice cream buckets also work well and can be stacked conveniently. If using a large container such as a one gallon ice cream bucket, freeze berries or cut vegetables individually so that they do not clump together as they freeze. To do this, arrange washed berries or cut vegetables on cookie sheets so they do not touch each other and freeze overnight before packing in the container.

Fresh herbs have many health benefits and also freeze well. Wash and chop herbs, place small amounts in ice cube trays, cover with water and freeze overnight, and then store the frozen ice cubes in Ziploc bags.


Home canning requires special equipment:  a canner (a large pot, usually measuring a foot in diameter and about 18 inches in height); a jar lifter for gripping hot jars and lifting them out of the canner; canning jars, rings and lids; and a pair of tongs for handling hot lids and rings.

Home canning also requires awareness of an important food safety issue. An open canner is suitable for processing acid fruit (including tomatoes), but for vegetables, meat or fish, a pressure cooker must be used to heat the contents of the jars to a high enough temperature to destroy toxic botulin bacteria.

Pickling is a safe alternative to pressure canning. The acidic content of the vinegar used in pickling makes it safe to use an open canner for processing. Cucumbers, of course, are always pickled and can then be safely stored in the fridge, frozen or bottled by processing in an open canner.  Many other vegetables such as carrots, beans, zucchini, cucumbers, or beets can also be pickled, and there are lots of great pickle recipes available on the Internet.

Canning jars are made of heavy glass which will withstand the heating process, and come in two standard sizes: narrow mouth (2 ½ inches in diameter across the top opening) for small fruit such as cherries, or wide mouth (3 ¼ inches in diameter), for large fruit such as peaches and pears. Wide mouth jars are best as they are suitable for both large and small fruit.

Canning jars can be purchased at the supermarket in cases of twelve, along with rings and lids to fit the jars. You will be able to re-use the rings, so buy the same number of rings as jars. However, you will not be able to re-use the lids, so it is always a good idea to stock up on these.

The frugally-minded might consider checking out garage sales, but should check that the jars have a standard neck size, and that they are not chipped or cracked. Jars with chipped rims will not seal properly, and cracked jars can shatter in boiling water during processing.

Before you begin the canning project, jars should be washed thoroughly in hot, soapy water, using a bottle brush to clean the inside, and then sterilized. The most convenient method of sterilization is in the dishwasher, using the “sure temp” and “heat dry” settings. Otherwise jars can be boiled for five minutes in a large pot of boiling water, with a tea towel in the bottom to protect the jars from possible damage, then place upside down on a clean tea towel on the counter, handy to the stove.

Lids and rings should also be sterilized in boiling water and kept hot until ready to use.

For fruit, prepare fruit syrup according to your recipe, pack the fruit in jars, and pour in the syrup. For tomatoes, put a teaspoon of salt in the bottom of each jar before packing the tomatoes, then cover with water or commercial canned tomato juice. Cover the fruit with liquid, but leave about an inch of “head space” at the top of the jar. Wipe the neck of each jar before you put a hot lid on top. Finally, retrieve a ring and screw it on to hold the lid in place.

To reduce heating time, fill the canner with several kettlefuls of boiling water. Place your filled jars in the canner, bring the water back to the boil, and boil for the appropriate processing time for the fruit and jar size.

After processing, take the jars out of the hot water bath using a jar lifter and place them to cool on a tea towel on the counter. As the jars cool, a vacuum forms inside the jar which sucks the lid down and forms a seal. As it does, there will be a sharp snapping sound which is a little frightening the first time you hear it, but for a veteran canner there is nothing more satisfying than the snap of a sealing lid. When the jars are cool, remove the rings. Write the date on the lid with an indelible marker, and store jars in the cupboard.

No matter whether you decide to can or freeze, you will not only save money, but you will also have tasty and nutritious summer fruits and vegetables conveniently available year round.

I Love Synchronicity!

I’ve only just got started with 10,000 Thoughts and already have experienced some lovely synchronicities! Maybe it’s the angels using this site to leave me a trail of breadcrumbs in the form of keywords in the intentions and postings on this site to keep pulling me forwards towards my goals.

Background Information:

I posted this afternoon how I feel I am intended to go to Canada, specifically the Toronto area. As I said above, it’s almost like the angels are showing me my own “intention tags” in what I’m reading and responding to here. Also, I work with energy and I am sensitive to such things. I can literally feel the energy moving, and not just with me. It’s very cool.

I am grateful for discovering EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques

I am so thankful for discovering EFT. Since using it, I have grown by leaps in bounds in my personal development, slowly but surely eliminating each obstacle that stands in my way to becoming happy and abundant in all areas of my life.

Background Information:

A few months ago I did a google search for affirmations for abundance. I came across a site called www.tapintoheaven.com which introduced me to Emotional Freedom Techniques. I then discovered www.emofree.com and downloaded the free manual on how to use EFT. Since then my use of EFT has really helped me so much on my path to personal development and in manifesting the life I want and deserve. EFT is a Godsend!

I’m glad you found something that worked for you! I’ve never really looked into EFT, but I’ve heard of it.

This will be something I’ll definitely try!

Let your kids creativity shine with these summer painting projects

Paints are not just for adults. There are many different kinds of paints and different summer painting projects that kids can help with or do all by themselves.

Make your own paints

Most parents are aware that finger paints can be made, but that is only the beginning.  Children can even make their own water colors and puffy paints. FresnoFamily is one of the best places to find any kind of paint that can be made at home for kids.

The  bedroom

It is always a good time to clean and update a kid’s bedroom in the summer. After a good base coat, give the children some sponges and let them decorate the walls with a sponge finish. There is no real skill needed and it is hard to mess up sponging.  The kids can be proud of what they created in their room.

Remember Tom Sawyer

Whitewashing or painting a fence it a great job for kids. One year the neighbors went from a white picket fence to a crayon fence. They only kept it for a year, but for that year the kids had a great project that they loved.  It was bright, fun, and definitely said “Kids rule here.”

Bath paints

Bath time is supposed to be fun and relaxing, so make some kid friendly bath paints. The good news is when the kids are put to bed after the bath, the paints actually help with cleaning the bathtub. Anything that makes cleaning easier is a good thing

Terracotta pots

Flowers are a fun part of summer and kids are great designers for planters and pots. Let them be creative and then watch the flowers, herbs or vegetables grow right in the pots they painted.  Display their work with pride.

Fabric paints

An ordinary shirt or pair of jeans becomes a canvas with fabric paints. They can use transfer pens and coloring books for patterns, or freehand. It is a good way to pass the afternoon and have something useful.

Wicker chairs

Wicker chairs can be given a good base coat of white and then the kids can go to work. Let them use fruits and vegetables as stencils and see what they can create. Set up stencils so they can simply apply paint everywhere. Then when the stencils and papers are removed they will be amazed at the things they have it created. It is a little bit of magic.

Don’t be afraid to add a little paint into the summer fun time projects.  It is fun for everyone.

New No-Fad Diet Book from AHA

Tired of all the over-hyped fad diets that seem to work for a while, then don’t? In answer to that the American Heart Association has published a No-Fad Diet book that promises a “no-nonsense approach to weight control will show you how to personalize your weight-loss plan to fit your lifestyle and your needs.”

The book helps you analyze your current eating and activity habits to find the approach that will work best for you. It will also tailor your eating plan for success and includes two weeks’ worth of menus to get you started. Plus, you’ll learn how to add activity to your daily routine to help you lose weight. Hmm….diet & exercise. This time with no frills.

The book is due out on the shelfs June 9, but you can preorder it from Amazon.com. Retail price is about $25.

ADA Officer Claims Sugar Has Nothing to Do With Diabetes

I am a Type 1 diabetic (adult onset), and the son of a Type 1 diabetic. When I was growing up, all the medical community knew about was sugar. My father followed their advice and avoided sugar like the plague, not knowing, of course, that the advice was wrong. Today, we know that Type 1 diabetics CAN consume sugar in moderation, as part of a healthy diet in which they count carbs and balance their carb intake with their insulin dosage. So, for Type 1 diabetics, sugar is no longer the source of all evil.

However, sugar is still a carbohydrate with no nutritive value, and if you’re a Type 1 diabetic watching your carbs, you should still be limiting your sugar intake, and getting your carbs from nutritive sources like vegetables and whole grains. So, as far as Type 1 is concerned, the statement: “What is the evidence that sugar itself has anything to do with diabetes? There is no evidence, it is disingenuous and misleading. Sure, sugar doesn’t CAUSE Type 1, but it certainly has something to do with it (if it didn’t, I’d be living on the stuff, believe me!). As far as Type 2 is concerned, the evidence linking it with obesity continues to mount, and the ADA acknowledges the obesity problem.

However, in this interview, Kahn played fast and loose on obesity and sugar, refusing to acknowledge that sugar in general, and sugared soft drinks in particular, contribute to obesity, especially in children. If you read the full interview, you’ll see that Kahn falls back repeatedly on the “calories are calories” argument, which flies in the face of nutrition and common sense. We know about the dangers of saturated fats. We know about the dangers of empty carbs. Kahn’s slippery comments are as troubling as the fact that the ADA is taking money from candy companies. If this is how the “experts” deal with diabetes and obesity, it’s no wonder we have a Type 2 epidemic in this country.

Tonsil Stones Remedies

Tonsilloliths or tonsil stones are identified at the back of the throat and are made up of yellow-colored or whitish lumps with foul smelling odor. The lumps are gathered items and debris like mucus from the sinus drip, dead tissue, sulfur generating bacteria, residual of enzyme motion on retained food and the likes. Tonsils are composed of crevices or crypts where the debris may be deposited and caught till it hardens and calcifies. Each youthful and old people may have this gemstone development in the throat though older folks are much more susceptible and individuals who undergo from persistent inflammation in their tonsils. Little tonsilloliths typically build in the throat or at the higher roof of the mouth and it is somewhat rare to have gigantic and vast solidified particles deposits.


There are numerous symptoms which go using the occurrence of tonsil stones. One of the primary indicators is the presence of foul bad breath of air. Once the debris are combined using the unstable sulfur compounds generate by the anaerobic bacteria (bacteria which dwells in an environment where o2 is not market) below the surface of the tongue, the odorous and awful mouth watering sulfur compounds are launched from the again of the tongue and throat. Far more facts on bad breath of air and tonsil stones are supplied in the e-book, The Bad Inhale Bible, written by Dr. Harold Katz. Uncomfortable throat and tonsil swellings are additionally advertise because of the inflammation and infection adding soreness and discomfort once swallowing foods and also liquids.

To get rid of vast stones, it may be required to eliminate them by surgical procedure. In sure instances, the surgeon has the ability to perform the business utilizing a local numbing agent afterwards no basic anesthesia will be needed. For small or regular sizes, these might be eliminated by employing a mix of AktivOxigen Tablets and Nasal Sinus Drops perk an occasional use of oxygenating spray.

Often Tonsilloliths are found by pile up once a particular person has an x-ray or CAT scan done. It might be awkward for another person to admit these folks possess this problem, also to a anesthesia professional. In addition, the embarrassment of possessing bad inhale in public can frequently prevent individuals using tonsil stones from getting the fundamental methods to resolve their tonsilloliths. Once detected, the first query folks ask are how do I get rid of them? We’ve put together a list of the top 10 treatments for finding over Tonsilloliths.


Tonsil Stones Deluxe Kit

  • Drinking water – Ensure to drinks plenty of water on a regular basis
  • Coughing – Although perhaps displeasing for those close to you, coughing can usually dislodge them from the mouth.
  • Cleaning – Preserving excellent verbal hygiene is essential to banishing the problem. Make sure to groom the teeth, totally clean the tongue, and gargle using a mouthwash which combines alkaline, menthol, thymol, camphor, and eucalyptol.
  • Vinegar – Make your own concoction of mouthwash employing apple cider vinegar mixed using balmy drinking water. Gargle three occasions a day with this self produced mouthwash. If you do not have apple cider vinegar, it is possible to use peroxide.
  • Anesthesia – If none of them of the above choices function, you can opt for reducing the top region of the tonsils by finding them resurfaced utilizing a laser. A geo-targeted medical professional can perform a process named cryptolysis to get doing so done.

Tonsil Stones Starter Kit

  • Flossing – Flossing once eating, particularly at night, can assist get rid of them by preventing buildup of mucous.
  • Cue Tip – Use a cue tip to reach the again of the mouth to dislodge any stones. If you are prone to gag reflex, this may prove to be a bit difficult and you may need to look at one of the various cures.
  • Milk – End it eating food items forced from dairy. Mucous and calcium will growth when dairy is ingesting resulting in the problem. Persevering with a diet using dairy products can make acquiring over Tonsilloliths also far more difficult.
  • Eating at night time – End it eating super food at evening. If you eat at night, food often remains constant in your mouth even though you are sleep and accumulates.
  • Removal of tonsils – If you’ve exhausted all the various options, it is possible to constantly opt to have the them totally removed.

Tonsilloliths are not merely an annoyance but these folks make you possess awful breath, this is precisely why we are going to talk about how to remove tonsil stones. So how can you come across natural curse to them? The first stage is knowledge if you possess “t-stones” in the first put and below, we could talk about not just what a tonsillolith is, but how you receive rid of them naturally!

Choosing Natural Remedies

Tonsil stones are a thing which come about in the back of your throat and also the back of your tongue. These folks are pockets of bacteria that can family up proper together the back of the throat and your tongue. So how can you locate and choose some normal cures? Well, which is what we are going to discuss below!

There are a lot of remedies on the net so it might be hard to choose the one that is going to do the job for you. The first procedure which you must choose every time you are looking to end your stones is cleaning straight down the throat and tongue with your toothbrush. Doing so is a great inclusion to the tonsil stones cures and it works.

Your toothbrush scrubbing could loosen up many the tonsilloliths on the back of your throat and the tongue and is among the largest natural tonsil jewel remedies. However, international students have some downfalls and one is that it might not do the job to eliminate them, as a substitute it may just loosen up the stones.

Techniques to Eliminate Them Naturally

So if toothbrush cleaning is not working, international students have a few other cures out there which are all natural which not simply loosen but additionally get rid of the ugly “throat-rocks” for you. Your diet is among them. You could possess a diet plan that is crammed with fruits and vegetables and include all of the natural important substances and minerals… not many crap super food.

Although a diet regime change may be in order, students have a couple of other cures that we are going to talk about and one of them is gargling.

* Gargling with mild sodium h2o is a good way to get rid of those stones naturally.

* A combination of temperate drinking water, fenugreek seeds, pepper and turmeric powder is a good issue to gargle using once you are looking for Tonsilloliths cures that are natural.

* Finally, mouth scrub with no booze papers wonders to get rid of tonsil stones naturally.

If gargling is not a thing that pursuits for you to get rid of your stones, you may need to stay away from things enjoy soda and additionally any alcoholic beverages, for those are two details that can in fact bring about the stones to get worse. Additionally cut out many the junk food, hereby you are consuming healthier and you will see a distinction in how quickly the tonsilloliths disappear.

When Is The Surgical treatment An Option?

Doing so question is a quite common one and you should talk to your doctor regarding the remedies you are utilizing and seek out far more. Even so surgical procedure must often be a endure course of action option, due to the fact you do not want to get surgical treatment first once you might come across most normal cures out there.

How To Get Rid Of Water Weight

Contents that complement “diuresis, ” and also the removing of fluids from the body via urination, are generally considered diuretics. Additionally known because “water drugs, ” natural diuretics could be prescription or non-prescription drugs. They will also work homeopathic therapies or food items that assist with prevent and also treat smooth retention. Far better consult using a healthcare specialized before applying any kind of diuretics.

Diuretics are employed for a large number of reasons. They might be indicated for those who suffer through edema, you will need accumulation connected with fluids from the body’s tissues, and folks that suffer through high blood vessels pressure and also other coronary heart related disorders. Increasing the production connected with urine not only releases smooth, but in addition helps rid the body of surplus salts and could reduce blood vessels volume.

Some individuals use natural diuretics like a weight deprivation aid, usually when a large amount of weight ought to be lost in a short period. The fact is that diuretics are not proven to advertise the loss of fat; they simply take away retained smooth. While the scale may perhaps show the loss of a handful of pounds, this is a temporary deprivation. This seriously isn’t a healthy way to lose excess weight. Abusing diuretics can lead to dehydration along with sometimes severe potassium insufficiencies, which may be dangerous.

For individuals who only require minimal smooth reduction, and also have no genuine health fears, foods along with natural diuretic properties are sometimes better substitute than drug-based diuretics. Some foods that have natural diuretics are generally cranberries along with cranberry juice, coffee and also other beverages that have caffeine, along with apple cider vinegar. Apple company cider vinegar in addition contains potassium, it may assist avoid potassium deficit. Still, it ought to be used sparingly. Adding fruit and veggies such because cucumbers, watermelon and the like that contain a large number of water may also help boost urination.

Natural diuretics should also be found in moderation, and even though they might be healthier than taking waters pills, a bit more overdo that. It is obviously a good idea to talk to your doctor before start any brand-new regimen, thinking that includes taking natural remedies, taking non-prescription medications, and also using foods to relieve medical challenges.

Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss?

The wonders of apple cider vinegar weight loss started up at me this morning from an ad in my favorite newspaper.

I didn’t have to read more than two paragraphs before I was up – pacing about, pulling out my hair, and muttering to myself. So what was I so annoyed about?

Frankly, apple cider vinegar weight loss was new to me…I even don’t know if this product can get us allergy or not. So what was my problem? Just from reading the ad, I knew apple cider vinegar was a bogus supplement. And it annoyed me that many deperate unsuspecting folks would probably fall victim to the advertsing.

So, you’re probably wondering…

How did I know?

That’s what this article is about. I’ll give you the tools so that you never fall prey to any bogus advertising hype again. I don’t want you to spend another dollar on products that will do absolutely nothing for you. This report will save you money time and time again.

Just applying these simple principles will sort the wheat from the chaff.

Deciphering the “Bogus Ad” Step One:

The smiling doctor. When you see this, bells should ring, and sirens should wail. For the apple cider vinegar ad, it was my first clue.


Bang – right there in the middle was the upper body shot of a guy in a lab coat, with a stethoscope ’round his shoulders.

Big deal, right? What’s wrong with that?

Well, photos of doctors aren’t of themselves an indication of a bogus supplement. But they certainly are when there’s no caption under them.

For instance, if the caption read “Respected Dr. So and So, from John Hopkins research center conducted many and varied tests confirming…”, blah, blah, blah, it may be a good thing.

I say “may” because doctors may be solicited for their comments. They may have much to gain financially by backing a product.

But when there’s no caption, it has these purposes…

1) Give the credibility of the medical industry to a product that does not have the backing of the medical industry.

2) Mislead you into believing there is some sort of viable research available showing the product works.

3) Prey on your “programmed response”. Doctors are good, kind, caring, intelligent, and interested only in your well-being.

In any case…

The company would use a “real” verifiable expert if they could. It would only ad to the credibility of their product. Unfortunately, apple cider vinegar weight loss doesn’t have one.

Deciphering the “Bogus Ad” Step Two:

Unverifiable Testimonials

Ever seen this?

“What a marvelous product, I lost 30 pounds in 3 weeks” K.A. Minnesota

“Wth your product, I feel young again. My husband is looking at me again, and I’m the envy of all my friends.” Mary C, Montreal

Yup, I’m sure you have. They sound great, and mean nothing.


You can’t confirm them, that’s why.

When an ad says…

“Lots of people have had great results”…

…Run away.

They’re selling a product. If the ad provides you with email addresses of satisfied customers – take note! They have nothing to hide!

Deciphering the “Bogus Ad” Step Three…

a) No Testing Done:

In the apple cider vinegar weight loss ad the attempt at credibilty was something along the lines of…

Apple cider vinegar has been used for years for various health remedies, and its powers are well known amoung the experts.

A general statement if there ever was one.


They have no solid evidence the product does what it’s supposed to.


The apple cider vinegar weight loss ad had no footnotes indicating excerpts from research papers of any kind.

And again…

If there were any, don’t you think they’d include them?


Deciphering the “Bogus Ad” Step Four…

Unrealistic Claims

“Lose up to 15 Pounds in ONE week”

A pound of fat contains over 3500 calories. For most people that’s two days worth of caloric intake.

Here’s another unfortunate fact…

Fat doesn’t just disappear into never, never land. Fat is an energy source.

In the article I read, apple cider vinegar’s amazing power was it’s ability to cause the fat cells to release their stored fat into the bloodstream where the body can use it for energy.

Great, wonderful. But even if apple cider vinegar did just that, what good would it do for you?

Because unless your body is active enough to burn all that stored fat…where do think it’s going to end up again?

Your car doesn’t use gas sitting in the driveway – just like you don’t use calories in a sedentary lifestyle.

Oh, yes, one last thing..

The “ten pounds in ten days?”

A severe carbohydrate restricting diet (like Dr.Atkins’, for example) has a strong diuretic effect. You’ll easily lose ten pounds within the first 10 days of the diet. But it’s not fat weight – its water weight. Remember that!

Okay… bad news is apple cider vinegar is bogus. Apple cider vinegar weight loss is bogus. But there is good news! You can try it just to satisfy your own curiousity…

For cheap. Yep, simply buy a half liter of apple cider vinegar at your grocery store for a couple of bucks. Then, add a tablespoon to your salads with olive oil or basalmic vinegar for a great tasting salad dressing!